Oh fer cryin' out loud...there's a new etiquette book out called Kill Reply All: A Modern Guide to Online Etiquette, From Social Media to Work to Love” (scroll down to buy on Amazon). It lists all sorts of new etiquette that we're supposed to follow, but I call bogus on on in particular.

Don't leave a voice mail .

“There’s absolutely no purpose for voicemails in the modern age,” says Turk. “You have no idea what to expect from them, they could go on for minutes, you might have to reach for a pen to jot down some information, and it’s super inefficient and inconvenient.” If you call someone and they don’t pick up, she says consider dropping an email or a text instead. (read more on New York Post)

Bull crap. I hate voice mails so much I want to burn every voice mail server in the world...but telling people why you called and what you want (succinctly) is NOT a bad thing. Also, if you call and DON'T leave a voice mail, I will NOT call you back. Ima just going to assume it's a butt dial and go on with my cheery day.

Just so I'm not completely negative, there are some pretty good suggestions here.

Respect downtime. Your co-workers probably can’t help but check their email after hours — which is why you shouldn’t bother them. “If you wouldn’t expect someone to come into the office to do their job at that time, why are you expecting them to do it at home?” asks Turk. If you have an aha moment at midnight and want to get it all down, Turk recommends writing the email and then scheduling it to send in the morning. (read more on New York Post)

It's so true. If it is an emergency, I get it. But please, check your definition of "emergency" before you call, text, email, or leave a voicemail. lol

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