UNDATED (WJON News) -- The Minnesota Department of Transportation is thanking its Adopt-a-Highway volunteers and is inviting more groups to join in.

MnDOT says more than 2,000 groups across the state spent more than 1000,000 hours picking up litter along Minnesota highways. Those efforts led to more than 42,000 bags of trash picked up by MnDOT staff.

There are more than 900 miles of state highways available for adoption. Volunteer groups are asked to commit to the program for at least two years and pick up litter on both sides of the road at least twice a year.

There are also opportunities to pick up litter at certain rest areas or sign up for a one-day Pick-a-Highway event. MnDOT will provide safety information, garbage bags and safety vests.

To learn more, visit the MnDOT Adopt-a-Highway website.

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