EyeOfTheFlyer.com is reporting Delta Airlines paid out $80,000 to make room on a flight from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Minneapolis!

Delta Reportedly Paid $80,000 To Keep People From Flying on Monday

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Eye of the Flyer says a Delta spokesperson confirmed the story that they announced $10,000 each if people would give up their seats on the Monday SkyWest flight to MSP.

In another Tweet Jason Aten (a tech columnist at Inc.) said before they started boarding the plane, the offer was started at $5,000. Then, during boarding, that number hit $7,500, and finally, once everyone was on-board, the offer was $10,000 to take a later flight.

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That moved the needle for passengers and a bunch offered their seats. In the Eye of the Flyer story, it's reported Visa gift cards were offered and even Apple Pay, which means you would have had the money immediately.

In the story, Aten wrote for Inc. he said,

Your job is to take care of your customers. Sometimes bad things happen, sure, but when you overpromise, the solution should never be to underdeliver. The solution should be to go above and beyond to make it right. That's basically what Delta did in this case.

Yes, $10,000 is a lot of money, but it was clearly better than forcing eight people to miss their connections and ruining their plans. The people who volunteered did the math and decided that it was worth it to change their plans because, obviously, that is a lot of money.

FYI: If you get bumped, they're required to pay you for it, but there's a formular for how much you can get, so...watch this video and remember it for the next time you fly.

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