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Did you know that a Minnesota bakeware company is responsible for the invention and patenting of the piece in microwaves that rotates the plate? I didn't know that either! According to MSPMag, Nordic Ware, based out of St. Louis Park, is the company that invented that rotating plate that has now changed microwaving forever.

When this "automated food rotator" was invented it was called the 'Micro-Go-Round' which makes sense but it's also such a goofy name. It sounds like a name I would have come up with in 7th grade for an invention I made up.

When I Googled 'Micro-Go-Round' nothing popped up under Nordic Wares site but plenty of other sites have a Nordic Ware Micro-Go-Round listed but they're out of stock. Places like Amazon and Walmart sold these in the past but no longer carry them. There are also people on eBay trying to sell the Nordic Ware Micro-Go-Round. A few are labeled as 'vintage' and prices range from $15.99 to $68.80.

I can see maybe wanting to have one as a piece of memorabilia but other than that something like this comes standard in microwaves now so I'm not sure why this person on eBay is trying to sell it for $68.80.

Anyway! Nordic Ware is also responsible for inventing the Bundt cake pan (which means they technically invented the Bundt cake too), according to MSPMag. Nordic Ware comes up with iconic baking and cooking items I guess!

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