Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Monday could be a major day in the future of the proposed DMC initiative.

The Rochester City Council is scheduled to hold a special public meeting at the Mayo Civic Center Monday evening and after taking input from the public and staff, consider voting on the DMC Development plan. City Attorney Terry Adkins has advised the council it will only be voting for the conceptual framework of the plan, not the specific provisions it contains.  Decisions on the various recommendations and proposals are expected to be made over a period of years.

If approved, the recommendation will be sent to the DMC Corporation Board, which is scheduled to meet Thursday in Rochester.

Staff is recommending approval of the plan - as well as the funding mechanism to pay the city’s share of the initiative.The city has been given authority to use the existing local sales tax, or adopt a quarter percent sales tax that would be dedicated to DMC expenses. Staff says the new tax would be the quickest way to raise the necessary DMC funding because the existing sales tax is already being used to pay for other city projects.If the Council approves, the new tax could take effect next year.

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