ST. CLOUD -- A southern Minnesota family is dealing with the loss of their 18-year-old son by trying to get the word out to other teens about safe driving.

Logan Maas died when a joyride on a gravel road turned deadly in December 2015.  The teens decided to take their seatbelts off just before the driver lost control and rolled. The high school senior was ejected and died at the scene.

Logan's dad Matt Maas says they worked with the Minnesota State Patrol to make a video for other young drivers to show the heartbreak felt by the family and the community...

Something good has to come out of this tragedy and what our family has gone through and the challenges we've faced going through this is something I don't want to see another family go through.

Maas says it's important for all of us to talk with our kids about respecting the dangers of driving and the responsibility it requires...

When you're with your peers it's very easy to make poor decisions especially when you're wrapped up in the moment with your friends.  Keep in mind, those decisions you make, those conscious decisions, they last.  And, just like the video's titled, it's a lasting impact.

The family is working with the State Patrol to show the video to every high school and driver's training program in the state.

Maas was a speaker at the Toward Zero Deaths traffic safety conference in St. Cloud this week.


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