ST. CLOUD -- Hundreds of Electrolux workers in St. Cloud will be punching their time cards for the last time Friday. It is the last day of production for the freezer maker.

Tammy Biery is the Executive Director of Career Solutions. She says there are about 720 employees that currently work at the plant.

There are over 450 people that have been enrolled in the dislocated worker program where we were helping them with retraining, upscaling computer skills, those types of things.  There may be some that have job offers, at this point we know of 33 that have moved on to employment that have been enrolled in our program.

Biery says over 100 of the workers are pension eligible and may not be seeking a new job after Friday.

She says a small group of employees will still be working there through at least February.

She says, because the company made the announcement nearly two years ago, the employees and the city have had time to prepare. Nearly 40 companies participated in a two-day job fair in September at Electrolux.

For those attending one of the things that they were asked was to refrain from placing job offers that started prior to November 1st, because the workers were interested in maintaining their severance.

Biery says the skill level of the individual workers will determine how quickly they find a new job.

According to the city of St. Cloud's website, Electrolux is the city's 8th largest employer.

Electrolux announced in January of 2018 that they were shutting down the St. Cloud plant and moving operations to South Carolina. In May of this year, we learned that November 1st would be the last day of production.

Rumors about what will happen with the site once it is vacated have been rampant, however, development doesn't appear to be in the near future.

An Electrolux spokeswoman says "the building has not been sold, and we are continuing to evaluate the next steps for the facility."

Kelley Lucksein with the Mayo Clinic Department of Public Affairs says, "there is no truth" to the rumor that they have an interest in the site.

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