An Elgin man made the trip to State Lottery Headquarters in Roseville today to collect a sizable prize.

Matthew Hollermann was lucky enough to be the purchaser of a Big Money scratch ticket worth $100,000. Shortly after he bought the ticket yesterday, Matthew phoned his wife, boss, mom, sister and brother and announced he had won $50,000. It wasn’t until he returned to his home and scratched off the rest of the ticket that he discovered it contained another $50,000 prize.

“I was pretty much in shock,” he said. At the time, Hollermann did not see any reason to continue scratching the ticket because he did not expect to uncover any additional wins. After he got home, he decided to scratch the rest of the ticket and uncovered another $50,000 win. “I had to call everybody again and say, ‘It’s actually $100,000.’”

Hollermann purchased his winning ticket at the Kwik Trip Store at the 41st Street Northwest interchange on Highway 52 in Rochester on Tuesday.


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