Thursday morning, I was sitting in the Y-105FM studio at the Townsquare Media stations in Rochester, Minnesota when I saw the news that immediately grabbed my heart.  I was getting ready for an interview where my emotions were going to be tested already and just trying not to cry while discussing mental health and suicide rates among teenagers was my only thought and I was reviewing the questions in front of me that I would be asking my guest soon.  In the middle of that prep, I saw my friend post this note on Facebook:

"Praying for all our friends in Perry."


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I grew up in Iowa.  I have friends and family who live all over the state and several that are in the Perry, Iowa area.  And I knew immediately that something tragic just happened.

Our news department at Townsquare Media already had the story up with the info they knew and I quickly learned that a school shooting had occurred in this Iowa town of about 8,000 people.

YouTube via KCCI
YouTube via KCCI

Six people were shot at Perry High School on Thursday morning by a 17-year-old who then killed himself.

One of the victims, a sixth grade student, died. Five other victims, including an administrator, were injured.

- Des Moines Register

YouTube KCCI

Daughter of Brave School Administrator Shot in Iowa Shooting Shares Emotional Update

For those of you who have reached out regarding Dad, I am sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. Please don’t take it personally it has just been a day for us, for Dad, and for the community.


Thank you to the first responders, life flight, school staff, all the surrounding law enforcement that came to assist today. Those working tirelessly on the investigation, or operating in the OR. And everyone I am forgetting.


Dad was in surgery all day, and is currently stable.


As many of you know Dad, he is a gentle giant, an amazing Dad and just amazing person. The best hugs, the best pats on the backs and “you got this kid”, and as an athlete in college and high school Dad just brought a sense of calm and reassurance in myself and capabilities just by being present. I didn’t have to see Dad in the gym to know he was there, I could just feel myself relax and sense his presence. He does anything for us kids, including driving 7 hrs round trip on school nights to catch my college games in Decorah. Stayed long enough to slip me a $20 tell me I played well, give me a hug, and head out.


As I heard of a gunman, I instantly had a feeling my Dad would be a victim as he would put himself in harms way for the benefit of the kids and his staff. It is absolutely zero surprise to hear he tried to approach and talk Dylan down and distract him long enough for some students to get out of the cafeteria. That’s just Dad.


Knowing Dad, Dad is devastated about what happened today, he would be devastated about Dylan, devastated about the victims, devastated for the community as every single community member is a victim to this tragedy, its things like this that he takes personally.. what more could he do, what did he not do that he could have… he’d be extremely saddened the trauma and negative memories that are associated with his building and school now for many.


Knowing Dad he would also say his ugly face is popping up too much online, as he is getting attention as he is a deserving hero, please reach out to the other victims families. Show grace to the Butler family, as we are not our kids mistakes and actions or our parents mistakes and actions. Remember this is something Dylan’s family has to live with too, as well as losing their child.


Please, please let’s share the positive memories and things of our school and community. If you have a funny, uplifting story, or something dumb you did that got you in trouble with my Dad please share that. We need a smile and laugh.
Again, thank you for reaching out, sorry I cannot respond to all of you. I just wanted to provide a little update to all to let you know Dad is stable currently, and I thought this would be the quickest way to inform the masses.

- Claire Marburger's Facebook Page


YouTube KCCI
YouTube KCCI
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