Have you noticed that some Minnesotans are a little bit on the cranky side lately?  I know eggs and other groceries are costing more, your taxes were just due, and we have familiar faces that have left some of our popular TV stations, but those aren't the reasons for the grumbles.

I've learned that this is normal and, just like PMS, this is a temporary ugliness that appears that most can't control very well.  The reason - spring.

11 Things About Spring That People in Minnesota Hate

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year except when this happens.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Meet Loki.  He is a spoiled St. Bernard who weighs at least 150 pounds.  Probably more.  He's got a lot of squish on him.  Not judging.  He is big-boned and a giant baby.

As you know, springtime sometimes brings rain and for a bit, we had a lot of rain.  Someone (aka Loki) took the downspout off of our house which then turned the back of our house by the patio door into a mud swamp.

Like a good mom, I put out extra rugs, some very large carpet remnants, blankets, towels, all over the door area so when he comes inside from using the potty, there are ample spots to wipe off his paws if they happen to be muddy.  Well, I knew that but it seems like others in my house missed the memo because I walked downstairs one night to see our brand-new carpet covered in...

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

...MUDDY PAWPRINTS!!!!  That is capitalized for a reason because as I saw this throughout my entire downstairs and up our stairs, my mom voice was found and I started yelling.  Not one of my prouder moments but I was ticked off.

I was now on the hunt to find out who and why someone would leave hundreds of pawprints everywhere and fail to mention to me, the mom and keeper of all things who cleans our house top to bottom every weekend, why these pawprint-shaped areas of mud are here.

Dogs and mud.  Squishy dog turds.  This list of what people get irritated about in the spring is quite lengthy and below are some of the top answers.

11 Things That Happen In The Spring That Minnesotans Don’t Like

We love that the weather is getting warmer in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois but there are a few things about spring that don't bring us joy.

Actually, a few of these things even make us gag.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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How Long Did It Take To Clean Up The Multitude of Muddy Pawprints?

4 hours.

What is Missing on the "I hate spring!" list?

If you've got a dislike bigger than squishy dog turds, please let me know!  Send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio or just click on the link below.  I'd love to be grossed out even more today.  Give the page a follow too!  I chat about a lot of real mom moments, chat about freebies happening on our stations, and share a bunch of local news that you can read for free.


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