Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- A Rochester woman has lost thousands of dollars after falling victim to a law enforcement impersonator scam. 

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It’s a common scheme that frequently pops up in southeastern Minnesota.

Authorities have previously stated that scammers will look up the roosters of law enforcement agencies online then use the actual names of authorities when speaking with their victims. 

Local Law Enforcement Impersonator Swindles Rochester Woman Out of Thousands

Rochester Police Department Communication Coordinator Amanda Grayson says the 38-year-old victim reported the scam on Saturday. 

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The scammer had contacted her earlier that day. The victim said she was contacted by someone claiming to be a sergeant with the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office. 

Olmsted County Sheriff's Office photo
Olmsted County Sheriff's Office photo

The caller told the woman she had an active arrest warrant for missing a court appearance and transferred her to another person claiming to be a lieutenant with the sheriff’s office. 

Grayson said the scammers used names of actual members of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office

The second person told the victim to settle the warrant by using the coin kiosk at the Cub Foods store to send money to settle the warrant to a phone number that Grayson says had a Detroit area code. 

The victim reported sending $3,000 through the kiosk. 

Grayson said law enforcement will never call someone and demand to pay money over the phone.

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