It always helps if we can find the silver lining to a miserably cold week here in the Northland. This morning parts of our region saw -40 or colder temps, and that's bad news for the survival of asian beetles, stink bugs, and the invasive Emerald Ash Borer. These bugs have been spreading into our region over the years, and milder winters have allowed them to survive and grow in population.

Not this year. According to the Superior Telegram, entomologists say that larvae have taken a significant hit. When it gets to -20F about half of the population dies. When it gets to -30 they expect 90 percent of the larvae die. Temperatures easily hit -20 in most of Minnesota and Wisconsin last night, so that will help kill of a big number of larva in the region.

While this may temporarily help, regular cold winters like this would have to make a lasting effect. Still, it's a win we will take with this incredibly cold weather where we seem to be losing every other way trying to stay warm.


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