Everyone keeps telling me that last winter was brutal in Minnesota. They say it was extremely cold for a few weeks straight and there was way more snow on the ground. I was down in Iowa and it was pretty bad except for the fact we were only at -35 for like two days. I'm knocking on all the wood in my office as I write this blog hoping that the mild winter weather we have had so far sticks around, but The Old Farmer's Almanac says otherwise. Here's what it is predicting.

March 1st-8th: A period of snow, sun, and cold

March 9th-12th: Sunny and Mild (Yahooooo! Sring!!)

March 16th-24th: Snowstorms, Snow showers and Very Cold (BOOOOOO Winter)

March 25th-31st: Sunny, Cold (We'll take it... Spring)

So... the question is... did mother nature hold out on us until March to bring us all the bad weather she could possibly bring? Or is it just going to be a semi-wet and cold start to the spring? I guess we are just going to have to live through it to find out!

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