We'll get the latest from Rochester Public School Superintendent Michael Munoz including the good and bad news about the deficit.  

Jeff Kiger
Jeff Kiger

The good news is, it doesn't appear like it's going to be nearly as bad as first thought. The bad news is there's still a deficit.  We'll get his thoughts Friday at 8:15 and your phone calls are welcome at (507)-282-1234.

The Med City Movie Guy comes in at 8:40.  Some really good movies are out right now.  He's got them in his sights.

The Sports Expert, George Rownd and I talk Twins and Gopher basketball at 6:45.  The Jarvis Johnson situation is a sad one...

The Post Bulletin's Jeff Kiger comes in at 7:45 with the latest from the "Eye" of the Kiger regarding businesses in our area.

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