The weight of the snow is taking a toll on structures throughout Southeast Minnesota, including a school in Rochester that was just evacuated.

According to ABC 6 News, Gage Elementary School "is dismissing students at noon on Wednesday due to structural concerns with the roof after the recent heavy snowfall."

Other structures in the area have recently experienced damage as well - the roof of the historic Zumbrota covered bridge collapsed on Sunday and a sidewalk on Broadway has closed to pedestrians due to an awning collapse.

This is a great reminder to take a moment and check on your own roofs and also decks and remove as much snow as possible. Roof rakes are in high demand right now but if you own one, this might be a good time to share one with your neighbor.

The snow and blizzard of 2019 is something we will all remember! Here are a few of the other stories related to the storm:

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