It's not a robin BUT the first sign of Spring has arrived in Southeast Minnesota!

You Know Spring Has Arrived When This Spot Opens Up in Rochester, Minnesota

While we were getting hammered with more snow this week, a business that people have been anxiously awaiting to reopen decided to start taking orders again.

Out of all of the Dairy Queens in Rochester, the place by Best Buy at 4140 E Frontage Road in NW Rochester is our family favorite.  This one is our favorite because it seems like the amount of ice cream you get with a Blizzard is just a little bit more than what you get at the other locations.  You can test that out yourself this year because they are finally back open!

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When is the Dairy Queen on North Broadway in Rochester opening?

Ice cream must be on everyone's mind because Mandy sent me a message on the Y-105FM app wondering if I knew when the Dairy Queen on North Broadway would open up for the season.  My route to and from work is North Broadway and last time I checked, everything was still closed up tight.


I did check their Facebook page though and found a little bit of info:

Good morning, one and all! This is Chris from the North Broadway Dairy Queen management team. Hope you’ve all had a good winter and are excited about the upcoming Spring! We’re meeting this week to plan out our preparations, strategy, and opening date for the approaching 2023 season. We’ll be sure to announce our opening date as soon as it’s been decided. Thank you all so much for your continued patronage and support over the years, we couldn’t do it without you! We appreciate all of you and look forward to serving up your favorite DQ treats and good times in the nicer months to come.
Much love,

Once I see an update or notice that the North Broadway location is open for business, I'll post the update on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.


BTW, the DQ on 12th near Lincoln school has been open all winter.  Yep.  AND...if you happened to have our app, you could have saved some cash there a few months ago with our Dining Deals at  Not only do we have amazing giveaways happening all the time on our app but you can save quite a bit of money too.

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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