Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man with a 20-year history of drinking and driving is facing a possible prison sentence for his latest arrest.

A state trooper tried to stop 43-year-old Matthew Dohrmann for speeding last week in Rochester. Instead of pulling over, the trooper says Dohrmann sped away and eventually crashed into a snowbank. Dohrman then tried to run away but was caught and taken to jail where a breath test found he had a blood/alcohol level of .22.  He is now facing a new felony DUI charge.

He already has five DUI convictions on his record.

One was a 2009 felony conviction that led to a 42-month prison sentence that was stayed 7 years.

Dohrmann was arraigned Friday and his conditional bail was set at $20,000.He is scheduled to attend an evidentiary hearing in May.

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