Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  The Rochester City Council is getting closer to overhauling the existing ordinance that deals with food trucks.

At Monday’s committee meeting, the council eliminated some of the current provisions and discussed some new proposals.

One would be the establishment of zones that would govern the operations of the trucks. Also discussed was a possible franchise fee that would be required for any truck that does business in the city’s right of way. At this point, the council is considering an $800 annual fee. There would also be a $150 fee to cover administrative costs.  

The council is also considering a proposal that would require operators who used metered parking spaces to pay for their time like any other vehicle.  

The council is planning to hold a public hearing on the proposals at its April 4th meeting.

Council President Randy Staver says he would like the changes to be finalized in time for the upcoming outdoor dining season.

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