Maybe I'm biased, but I feel like Minnesota is a great state to be in! As much as I complain about winter I do like having four seasons, I enjoy all of the outdoor areas/state parks we have, plus the bluffs in the southeast and Lake Superior up north are beautiful.

Lake Superior
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It appears, however, that some people don't agree with me. Especially in one particular city in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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Are More People Moving To or From Minnesota?

I was curious to see if there were more people moving to Minnesota or from Minnesota. After a quick Google search, I was a little surprised!

A post from Quick Country 96.5 from last summer writes that Minnesota was the 6th in the nation for people moving AWAY. I'm definitely shocked by that because I think Minnesota is a fantastic place to live.

All well, more craft beer and outdoor adventures for us!


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That brings me to the other discovery I made, which is the Minnesota city that's shrinking the most.

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The Minnesota City Shrinking the Most Population-Wise

A site called Travel A Lot used data from the US Census Bureau to determine the city in each state that's shrinking the most. They wrote: "we are listing the urbanized areas in each state that are classified as cities and have declining or slowly growing populations."

You might think that Minnesota's city might be somewhere a little more removed from a larger metropolitan area. But that's not the case. The city shrinking the most in Minnesota is actually Brooklyn Park, right in the Twin Cities.


Based on the census data used by Travel A Lot, Brooklyn Park lost about 2% of their population over a period of just one year. That equated to about 2,000 people moving away from the city.

The Iowa and Wisconsin Cities that are Shrinking the Most

In our neighboring states of Iowa and Wisconsin, the cities shrinking the most are Des Moines, IA and Milwaukee, WI.

Niko Vassios, Unsplash / Google Maps / Canva
Niko Vassios, Unsplash / Google Maps / Canva

Both of those surprised me! They're both huge cities in their respective states. However, the population didn't change a ton. Des Moines' population declined by just 0.8% (about 1,500 people) and Milwaukee's declined by 1.2% (about 7,000 people).

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