At the end of April, many couples learned that their wedding venue would be closing, effective immediately and that the owners wouldn't be responding to calls or emails. The venue is called Circle B Ranch in Isanti, Minnesota.

Esme Murphy, WCCO
Esme Murphy, WCCO

There were videos of brides crying, couples were stressed, and people across the state were angry at the owners of this venue. How could you close your venue without warning and with no refunds? That's so tasteless.

Circle B Ranch in Isanti, MN Leaves Couples Scrambling

If you didn't see the email that went out to all of the couples, here's a snippet of it:

"It is no longer possible to maintain the business in the current economic environment... For many of you, this will been devastating for your plans, for that we are truly sorry. Nobody is available to take calls or emails."

@katelynrnelsonPLEASE HELP our wedding venue just told us they are closed effective immediately and we have no where to go and are out all of the money. We were supposed to get married in Isanti, MN. Our church is in Ham Lake, MN.♬ original sound - Katelyn Nelson

If it's "no longer possible to maintain the business" that's fine and absolutely something that businesses may have to, unfortunately, go through. That doesn't mean you screw over the people who have signed contracts with you and think they'll be celebrating the biggest day of their lives at your venue.

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If you absolutely had to close your venue and couldn't host the weddings, that's not great but ok, at the very least give the couples their money back!

One bride named Paytyn, who I wrote about in my first story about this venue, had spoken to WCCO and said that "the owners had cashed her $7,000 check just 5 days prior to announcing their sudden closure." Really? Don't tell me you didn't know you were going to be closing your venue less than a week before announcing it.

Couples are Suing the Owners of Circle B Ranch

The owners of Circle B are Wayne and Angi Butt, who also own a venue in Cottage Grove called Furber Farm, which appears to still be open.

According to KARE 11, five couples have now sued Wayne and Angi. They write that the damages "requested in the five lawsuits approach a total of $40,000."

What Circle B's Attorney Has to Say

We have now heard from Wayne and Angi's attorney, Ryan Kaess, who had an interesting response to this whole thing.

When he spoke with KARE 11, he directed them back to the original email that was sent out to couples at the end of last month. He also reiterated that "no one is available to take calls or emails."

And then he said that closures like this are "part of business" and that he "doesn't see the story here".

I'm sorry, you don't see what story? The story of these couples who are now out a venue because your clients decided to close their doors and not be helpful whatsoever? The story of couples who are now scrambling and out thousands of dollars because your clients didn't have the gall to give refunds?

I understand that closures happen to businesses all the time and it's "part of business". But not allowing couples to reach out to them, not giving them any notice, and not giving out refunds is not "part of business". That's just tacky.

*Hops off soapbox*

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