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Once again, in Rochester and all across Southern Minnesota, the facial hair is growing, the faces are getting rougher, and, if one is in such a  situation as may allow smooching, a significant other's face is getting red. It must be NovemBEARD to raise money for the American Cancer Society of Southern Minnesota!

Last year thousands of dollars were raised, and this year, we're hoping to raise even more. Once again, I'm hoping to kick everyone's Bearded Butt, but I'll need your help. Can you make a donation or $5, $10...$1,000 😁? Just click here and know it'll help fight cancer!

Why give to the ACS? To help support people and families dealing with cancer...and to keep research going. And because it helps Minnesotans, too!

Luke Soderling - ACS

Luke Soderling says the lessons he learned from facing the challenges of thyroid cancer helped him to survive 60 days in 6 different harsh locations in South America, on the Discovery Channel show, The Wheel. Soderling says he took on the challenge to encourage the cancer community that survivors can stay active and healthy, and to be a role model for his 4 young boys. (Keep reading his amazing story here.)

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