ANDOVER (WJON News) - The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office removed 22 dogs from an animal rescue in Andover Friday. The search warrant is linked to the incident in Grey Cloud Island Township on October 15th where eight dogs were found dead in a tree line.

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On October 15th, authorities say eight dogs were found dead near Grey Cloud Island Drive in Cottage Grove. A search warrant resulted in an individual admitting he dumped the dead dogs in the trees but was not responsible for their death.

The cause of the dog's death is currently under investigation.

Last Friday, October 20th, officials with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Humane Society carried out a search warrant at an animal rescue in the 15800 block of 7th Ave Northwest in Andover. Officials believe the animal rescue is where the dogs died.

Twenty-two dogs were removed from the facility and are currently under the care of the Animal Humane Society.

No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.


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