In the next year or so, we could start seeing cameras added to our roads in Minnesota. These cameras would be for speed cameras and red-light cameras which we've heard about in other states, but now it may be coming here.

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Iowa's Speed Cameras

I know for sure that Iowa has some speed cameras. Every time I'm down there we drive by at least one on I-35.

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In case you aren't aware, these speed cameras will take a picture of your license plate if you're speeding and then send you a ticket in the mail. Very sneaky. Although, they are required to have a sign letting drivers know that there's a camera coming up.


Are Speed Cameras Coming to Minnesota?

Minnesota lawmakers are discussing adding speed cameras and red-light cameras across the state because of a new bill that was introduced recently.

Back in January, the discussion was originally just for the city of Minneapolis, according to KARE 11. But it seems as talks went on, they decided to dive into the possibility of making it state-wide, based on info from FOX 9.

The bill now may "authorize the deployment of hundreds of cameras for enforcement purposes statewide."


How Minnesota's Speed Cameras and Red-Light Cameras Would Work

If these cameras are deployed, one important thing that lawmakers have addressed is that the camera would only take a picture of your back license plate. That way it conceals your identity and the identity of any passengers.

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Also, the Minnesota House writes that "camera data could only be used to enforce speeding or red-light violations and could not be used for any other prosecution, lawsuit or administrative process."


Other parts of the bill include that there could be no more than one camera per 10,000 residents and that revenue from the tickets would first go toward paying for the systems and then to traffic-calming measures. Also, cameras will only take a picture of your plate if you're over 10 MPH or more over the speed limit.

What Happens if a Camera Catches You Speeding?

In the case that you get caught by a camera, whether that's speeding or running a red light, your first incident is just a warning that will be sent to you in the mail. After that, a ticket is $40.

Writing a ticket

Why Speed Cameras May be Necessary

The Minnesota House reports that citations for speeding over 100 MPH from the Minnesota State Patrol "went from 533 in 2019 to 1,150 in 2022." That's crazy!

Traffic deaths have also increased. KARE 11 reports that just in Minneapolis 9 people were killed in 2018, then 11 in 2019, 16 in 2020, 23 in 2021, 22 in 2022, and 21 in 2023.

So maybe we really do need these cameras in order to keep our roads safe.

Bill for Traffic Cameras Approved in Minnesota Transportation Committee

The Minnesota Transportation Committee voted 6-5 in favor of the new cameras. The bill will now move on and continue to be discussed. If it passes a pilot program may begin in summer 2025. However, that was reported when it was only being talked about for Minneapolis, so that timeline could easily change.

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