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Somebody in Minnesota just added a hilarious addition to one of those signs that tracks your speed.

You've probably seen those portable signs that track your speed, right? Various police departments use them across the Land of 10,000 Lakes to alert drivers with a lead foot (okay, and I'm totally guilty of that myself) to slow down and observe the correct speed limit.

But I'm guessing you haven't seen anything like the *addition* that was just posted to a speed sign in Rosemount, Minnesota earlier this week. As the Rosemount Police Department noted on their Facebook page:

We are not sure which Atari game this was modeled after, but we noticed that someone had "added" some signage to our speed sign. We chuckled a bit, and took the sign down. What really made us laugh was when we looked at the carboard backer and realized that the address shipping label on the carboard was most likely our creative individual. We have your sign.....we will be happy to bring it back to you:)

RPD went on to note that while the sign was, funny, there's usually a much more serious reason those portable speed signs are deployed: to keep people safe.

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RPD explained, saying 'speed signs are deployed for a variety of reasons, but they are often deployed after we receive citizen complaints about speeding. The sign is placed to bring awareness, deter speed, and gather data that is helpful for making decisions on next steps,' their Facebook page said.

So, overall, it was a pretty cool way for the Rosemount police to handle the incident-- especially since they have a good idea who did it. I'm guessing that there must be several state laws that cover defacing or messing with official signs that could have gotten the sign prankster in some big trouble!

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