100 years ago the Mayo Brothers said, "Let's have us an orchestra!" and of course, it happened. And the Rochester Symphony has been happening now for 100 years! At the baton for forty of those years has been Jere Lantz and he was in the studio to promote Wit, Wisdom, and Wine February 1st at the Rochester Public Library. Jere Lantz is one of the speakers (see all the bios HERE)

Click play to hear The Story of the Missing Timpanist (so maybe they didn't really lose him, but it makes a great headline and this is a fundraiser lol), beat James Rabe with a pun (a really good one), and what he'll be talking about at Wit, Wisdom. and Wine.

Listen, laugh...and then click HERE to register for Wit, Wine, and Wisdom, February first at the Rochester Public Library!

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