A video shared on the Rochester, Minnesota sub-Reddit RochesterMN, shows a Rochester Jimmy John's sandwich shop as the focus of a person wishing death upon the employees for enforcing a mask-mandate.

In the end, the camera flips views and we see a blurry picture of them.

Still from video
Still from video below. Unretouched.

This comes on the heels of one of the most popular stories in town, Natalie Victoria asking for grace from customers during the mask mandate, getting cheers from pro and anti-mask people alike.

Almost everyone seemed to agree telling employees you hope they "die a thousand deaths a day" is out of line and completely unnecessary.

Click play...the employees are hard to hear, but the person speaking is very clear. My commentary follows.

My thoughts as I listened to the video...

Queen Jezebel plays less of a part in this show than you'd expect. Only two mentions (ps - that's the Mayor of Rochester they're speaking about FYI).

  • "Even though the order, the declaration by a queen Jezebel herself..."
  • "Queen Jezebel's Land of Tyranny..." (bonus points for great Amusement Park name)
We can dream, can't we? lol Rabe/Canva
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A lot of people call masks diapers, which leads me to believe they've never changed a diaper.

  • "You can't serve me without a diaper on my face. Is that what you're saying?"

A little bit of projection going on here, perhaps.

  • "What are you guys afraid of?"

Insults, threats, and wishing death on people...not cool.

  • When are you gonna start using that brain inside of your head, right?
  • Well, clearly Jimmy Johns in Rochester, Minnesota does not need any more business. We'll make sure of that.
  • I hope you die a thousand deaths a day.
    • What the hell is this? I hope you die because you want me to follow the rules? This is wrong 100 ways from Sunday and speaks to a problem I can't even begin to understand. 

The dramatic wrap-up... just confuses me. Is it a self own, is it being upset because 'It's come to this...a bunch of people following the law? Son of a...!

  • "This is what has come to in Rochester, Minnesota..."

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