Thursday, July 29th, 2021 is the date the new Kwik Trip near Century High School opened its doors. The new store, at 2170 Wheelock Drive NE replaced the older Kwik Trip directly across from Century High School, which has been vacant since, waiting for a buyer. Well, that buyer has arrived.

Century High School Cheerleaders Helping Raise Money for Bear Creek Services
Century High School Cheerleaders Helping Raise Money for Bear Creek Services

If you were feeling nostalgic, you could take a stroll by those closed doors, and stopped for a second, you'd swear you could still smell the Hot Spot goodies. The Angus cheeseburgers, the pizza slices, even the egg rolls. Good times.

Who Bought the Former Kwik Trip?

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Say goodbye to the old dreams, though, because the former Kwik Trip space has been sold to Podnow LLC for $1.01 Million, with a $25,000 down payment. Pudnow is headed up by Rochester Realtor Jay Christenson.

There's no word on what'll be done with the 10,000 square foot building and property. It could be retrofitted for many different kinds of businesses, or be torn down and something new could appear. Rochester, Minnesota's Northeast is famously low on sit-down restaurants, maybe we could talk 'em into a Red Robin (yummmm)? Something families would love.

rez-art GettyStock
rez-art GettyStock

While working on this story I had to do some math and I had to double-check my work. Not because I was wrong (I often am when it comes to math), but to get it through my thick head that the now-closed Kwik Trip was open for 26 years!

Every time I drive by Century, I think back to when I was in high school, and how awesome it would have been to have a Kwik Trip just across the street, and a pedestrian bridge to get there.

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