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Minnesota's Give to the Max Day is coming up on November 18th. However, early giving is going on now, so I took a look at the organizations I could help. The total number of organizations asking for your help? 34,168.

In and around Rochester 125 came up in my search. The big-name non-profits you know are in there, the schools your kids attend are in there, and many churches are in there, too.

James Rabe

Of course, there have to be Rochester area non-profits we haven't heard I looked through the list and found three I had no idea existed in Rochester (there are more, and I'll try to write more stories to cover those. But these just lept out at me). 

Three Rochester Area Non-Profits You Probably Didn't Know About

See all the listings on the main MN Give to the Max site, but here are three I'm 99% sure you haven't heard of. If they interest you, please, go ahead and donate.

What Is Minnestoa GIves or Give to the Max Day?

GIVEMN Screenshot - click for link

It started a long time ago now, and each year Minnesotans are asked to Give to the Max to help nonprofits and schools across the state. The "Giving Holiday" is November 18th, but early donations are accepted.

With over 34,000 organizations asking for help, you'll find your favorites for sure. Please, though, even if you don't give to any others, take a look around at what's happening organization-wise in your area.

You may not have money to donate, but you may discover someplace you'd love to volunteer. If you're' not a fan of the processing fee, you can still use the website to find an organization and connect with them directly.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know:

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