Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- Drug sales charges were filed against a Rochester man Tuesday as the result of a drug-buying sting that occurred last year. 

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The criminal complaint accuses 23-year-old DeMonte Bragg of selling cocaine to an informant for the Rochester Police Department on two separate occasions. The informant told police that they had just purchased cocaine from Bragg and that Bragg was advertising cocaine for sale on his snapchat. 

The informant successfully purchased 28.9 grams of cocaine in the first buy then 4.1 grams of the drug in the second buy. Officers confirmed the cocaine through field testing following the two buys, the complaint says. 

TJ Leverentz/TSM
TJ Leverentz/TSM

Bragg is charged with first and third-degree drug sales. He was summoned to make his first appearance in Olmsted County Court on October 25. 

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