20Is McDonald's about to bring back a favorite menu here in Minnesota and across the country this summer? It sure looks like it!

Several different media outlets are reporting that McDonald's is set to bring back something consumers here in Minnesota and across the country are very excited about, and is somewhat of a throwback to something the company first rolled out back in 2002.

The fact that McDonald's making a menu change is making news makes sense, seeing as it is one of the biggest restaurant chains around. This Visual Capitalist story says McDonald's has 13,444 locations in the U.S., second only to Starbucks and Subway.

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Here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you're never very far from a McDonald's location, either. While the McDonald's site doesn't say just how many locations it has here in the Bold North, 24/7 Wall Street says the number is close to 226!

McDonald's doesn't just have a lot of locations, but also a lot of employees. When I was n high school, my first real job (outside of my delivering newspapers on my paper route-- is that even a THING anymore?) was working at McDonald's. And, I wasn't alone, this Yahoo News story says that 1 in 8 Americans (about 13.7%) have worked for, or are currently working at the Golden Arches!

A McDonald's location in Rochester, Minnesota. (Google Street View)
A McDonald's location in Rochester, Minnesota. (Google Street View)

So what's going on at the McDonald's that has Minnesotans excited? According to CNBC, the chain is set to bring back its popular Value Menu for a limited time later this summer. That news is also being reported by USA Today and other national outlets, but hasn't been confirmed by McDonald's itself.

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CNBC said the Value Menu will start at $5 and will only be available for roughly one month, starting in June:

The promotion will include four items for $5 — a McChicken or McDouble, four-piece chicken nuggets, fries and a drink — and will run for roughly a month, beginning on June 25, according to a person familiar with the offering who was not authorized to speak about it publicly.

Meanwhile, USA Today said that the special $5 Value Menu may not necessarily make it all across the country to every location, noting that the chain's corporate headquarters is currently working with franchise owners on plans to roll out the special menu. "As McDonald's deals can be regional, it is not yet known where or when the meal will be introduced," USA Today noted.

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