Party: Democratic-Farmer-Labor

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Matt is a Minnesotan. He has spent his life working on issues of economic justice, civil rights, and other progressive causes.

Matt is a life-long progressive and activist, who believes in the power of organizing and the power of politics to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Matt was born and raised in Northfield and attended St. Olaf College where he proudly organized against the Iraq War and was featured in The Pioneer Press for his efforts.

After college, Matt went to work for progressive candidates and causes around the country.

Matt then went to law school at the University of Minnesota. In law school, Matt served as Editor-in-Chief of the Minnesota Law Review and continued working for progressive causes, including trying to fight the big banks ripping off homeowners who were underwater on their mortgages after the housing crisis.

Matt worked full-time for Paul and Mark Dayton

After law school, Matt worked for the Minnesota Supreme Court, clerking for Justices Paul H. Anderson and then David L. Lillehaug. As an attorney, Matt focuses on consumer issues, large, complex civil cases for some of Minnesota’s largest companies, and pro bono work. In 2016, Matt worked full time in the 2016 presidential election to fight voter fraud.

Matt grew up learning that you should respect people and that we all have an obligation to stand up for each other. And like many of you, he grew up watching a generation of leaders like Walter Mondale, Skip Humphrey, Paul Wellstone, and Mark Dayton show us how to use the power of organizing and the power of law to accomplish progressive change.

As an attorney, Matt has dedicated his career to these values. There is no doubt that Minnesotans—and our Minnesota values—are under attack like never before under the Trump administration and it falls on our state to rise to this challenge. Matt believes that we need a strong, progressive Attorney General now more than ever and that we need a fresh face with new perspectives, not just another establishment politician or the same insiders who have a limited view of the office.

Join Matt and help empower new, progressive voices and show Minnesota that politics can be about the improvement of people’s lives.

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