Party: Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Governor Bio:

Erin Murphy is a nurse, a mom and a legislator who never stops fighting for our shared values.

Erin grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin and started her career as a nurse in a small community. She moved to Minnesota to work as a surgical nurse on a transplant team at the U of M Hospital and later served as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association. With her nursing practice rooted in advocacy, Erin knows a healthy state is one in which all Minnesotans have access to health care, public education, and economic opportunity.

For twelve years, Erin has traveled the state, fighting for our shared values in the Minnesota Legislature. As Majority Leader, she led on the passage of marriage equality, increasing the minimum wage, and funding all-day, everyday kindergarten. She has built a reputation as a leader who will take on the tough issues and fight for Minnesotans – not the corporate special interests.

While other candidates rely on a status-quo politics of fear and division, Erin is leading with a new kind of politics that rises above cynicism with a message of hope and optimism. She knows that politics, as usual, isn't working for the people and communities of Minnesota. Erin will stand up and fight for our shared values and work to build a future where every Minnesotan has the opportunity to thrive.

Erin lives in St. Paul with her husband Joe, a small business owner. They have two twin daughters, Anna and Bridget. Bridget is at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying water resource management. Anna is following her mom’s footstep into nursing, where she works as a pediatric float pool nurse at Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Lieutenant Governor Bio: 

Rep. Erin Maye-Quade is a state representative for Apple Valley who stands up and fights for Minnesotans.

Elected in 2016, Rep. Maye Quade worked to pass a property tax exclusion to provide assistance to the spouses of disabled veterans. She chief authored the Renewable Energy Standard Bill, a bipartisan effort to invest in our renewable energy future. Rep. Maye Quade also founded and chairs the bipartisan Childhood Hunger Caucus. In addition, Rep. Maye-Quade led the push in the Minnesota House for common-sense gun reforms.

Prior to being elected to the Minnesota House, Rep. Maye Quade worked in both the public and private sector. As an organizer, she worked to connect Americans to their democracy and help families get ahead. She currently lives in Apple Valley with her wife, Alyse, and their rescue dogs Sota and Jeffers. Erin and Alyse are members of Grace Lutheran Church in Apple Valley.

Your key platforms:

• Erin believes all Minnesotans should have access to quality health care that they can count on. She supports single-payer health care. To lay the infrastructure for single-payer, Erin believes we should start by opening up MinnesotaCare to anyone who wants it and contract directly with providers to push health plans out of the equation and put doctors and nurses in the driver’s seat of delivering care.

- We can’t build our bright future without investing in our kids. Erin wants to build an education system that is as ambitious and as hopeful as our children. That means investing in universal pre-K education for our youngest learners, providing public schools with the tools and resources to succeed, and committing to closing our opportunity gap.

- Erin believes we need an economy where everyone can thrive. That means addressing the economic security challenges confronting Minnesotans. Erin supports raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, access to paid parental leave for working parents, and addressing the high cost of child care. It also means creating new jobs by investing in our infrastructure, working to expand broadband access and by repairing outdated waste and drinking water infrastructure.

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What’s one thing you want the Rochester community to know about you?

When I talk with Minnesotans across the state, I hear a frustration and sense of urgency – that our current politics aren’t working for the people and communities of Minnesotans. I want Minnesotans to know that I am listening, and that as Governor, I will take on the tough issues where politics-as-usual have failed. When we focus on our shared values, we can build a future in Minnesota where everyone prospers.