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Party: Republican

Official Bio:

I’ve worked in the private sector for 42 years. I have been an owner-operator of a family small business that has been around for 60 years. I have seen and experienced a lot of dramatic changes and difficult issues over the years that are now facing Minnesotans, but now I want to give back by serving all of Minnesota to help shape a better future for generations to come.

Donald J. Trump paved the way for every forgotten man and woman when he challenged the status quo of a broken system and politics as usual.

The movement he started must continue and we can start by electing outsider candidates with energy and stop relying on insiders and political consultants.

The people are tired of the political class, generic messaging and ineffective candidates – they’re simply tired of their voices being ignored by a political elite constantly running with an agenda of their own, and not for the people.

I will not waiver to special interests or the establishment.

I am a common-sense conservative and I’m running to take the disgraced Al Franken’s open seat.

I will stick to my convictions and I will fight for you –

I bite back!

Your key platforms:

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1. Mental Health/Advocate for better treatment especially during a time with our Veterans are suffering and with recent shootings in our children's schools.

2. Education/Advocate for Trades

3. Three Major Principles Set Bob apart - 1. Will Accept No Pension 2. Will Accept No Healthcare Minnesotans have no access to 3. Will Self-Impose a two Term-Limit

What’s one thing you want the Rochester community to know about you?

Bob is NOT a previous legislator, increasing the state budget by 9% year over year, he’s not a lifelong politician, he's an outsider Minnesota deserves. It’s time for someone who will represent the voice of the forgotten men and women in this state. He is going to D.C. to serve the people of Minnesota, not for a career in D.C.