Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Official Bio:

Hi my name is Dennis Schuller I am running for a seat in the United States Senate to serve and represent Minnesota. I am a lifelong resident of Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs, I am married and have been with his wife for twenty years we have one son who is preteen. In my professional career I am an entertainment entrepreneur and recording professional, where I operate a studio and make recordings. In 1996 I incorporated my business and have worked on thousands of shows and events. I attended and graduated from Burnsville high school, after which I attended Normandale community college in Bloomington where I studied entrepreneurship. In 1995 I transferred to Music Tech now called McNally Smith College of Music where I was class president and graduated the intensive year-long program as a certified recording engineer. During my career I have toured with national theatrical ac ts and have worked with fortune 500 companies and local municipalities providing technical support through my company. I was a member of my local planning commission from 2008 – 2014.

Your key platforms:

Ending cannabis prohibition in the right way is my top priority; however not the only one. I am passionate about protecting our civil liberties and individual choice however I also take a strong stance on personal safety, let’s deal with the real problem nobody should have their lives affected by violent crimes like murder and assault, children are the future and should not be subject to neglect and abuse we need to find real solutions. In addition, if I could I would remove the federal mandate requiring municipalities to add fluoride to the public drinking water; this is the greatest ruse of the twentieth century how anyone could trick people into putting dangerous toxic waste into the drinking water without credible proof of its effectiveness is beyond me. Government is supposed to protect people and their basic right to pursue happiness and it seems like this gets lost in the system while lobbyists and corporations including foreign entities get preferential treatment.

What’s one thing you want the Rochester community to know about you?

In a nutshell it is my goal to speak for the invisible people, everywhere there are invisible people in our midst that are marginalized and have no voice. I have met many of these marginalized people and they are often children and older folks for that matter handicapped or people with criminal records that keep them from making enough money to take care of their families, America is supposed to be about individual freedom and too often too many people are caught up in a system that doesn’t make sense. My personal goal is to make contact with every person who reaches out to me while in office; I will make every effort to address your concerns individually. I know it is a tall order however the people of Minnesota deserve a senator that will go that extra mile.