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Minneapolis (KROC AM News) - The Minneapolis Police Dept. has decided to remove a video from its social media sites that was posted in hopes of stopping the spread of rumors about a fatal shooting.

The video shows a man shooting himself Wednesday as officers were approaching. The man was being sought as a suspect in a murder that took place a few hours earlier. 

After social media rumors spread that police had shot the man, looting and property damage broke out in the downtown. That prompted Mayor Jacob Frey to enact a curfew and Gov. Walz responded by sending 150 state troopers and DNR officers to assist Minneapolis police in restoring order.

The Police Dept. issued this statement around 9:00 AM Thursday:

“ Yesterday MPD posted a video in order to dispel rumors that caused significant public safety concerns for our city. After receiving feedback from the community, we have removed the video due to the graphic nature and out of respect to the individual, his family and the community.”


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