Bravo to Minnesota AND Wisconsin! Both had another impressive showing on a powerful list.

When you stop by a dealership to buy a car, start house shopping, or simply want to open a credit card, you'll need this first. Fortunately, in the Midwest, two states are absolutely crushing it in this department.


The list comes from WalletHub. They compared the average credit scores for each of the 50 states by doing a deep dive into TransUnion data.

Minnesotans and Wisconsinites Now Have Some of the Best Credit Scores in America!

We'll start with Wisconsin, who tied for the 4th overall spot in the country with an impressive average credit score of 718.

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Meanwhile, Minnesotans took the crown. That's right, Minnesotans have the highest average credit score in the entire country.

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According to WalletHub, Minnesotans average credit score is 725. According to Business Insider, it's even higher than that with average FICO credit score of 742 for Minnesotans. WalletHub says that residents of the North Star State also tend to take on less debt than the average American, making it easier to balance their debt and income.

In true “Minnesota nice” fashion, people in the state tend to pay back their debts and avoid collection accounts on their credit histories. Only 9.65% of residents have these derogatory marks on their reports, according to TransUnion. - WalletHub

What about our neighbors to the South - Iowa? They weren't far off, taking the 14th slot with an average credit score of 714. To see what other states made the list, click here.

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