In some shocking news involving one of Minnesota's most popular chefs, prosecutors in Minneapolis have charged the celebrity chef for threatening to shoot his girlfriend and for squeezing her neck in an incident last week.

People Magazine is reporting that the girlfriend of the chef, aged 24, told police that she was hit in the chest with a gun before being told, "Don't come back here, or I am going to shoot you". She also alleges that she was choked for 5 to 6 seconds while being told, "I could kill you".

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Chef Justin Sutherland has appeared on shows like 'Top Chef' and 'Iron Chef America', he is also one of the co-hosts of TruTV's Fast Foodies, and has won an Emmy for hosting the show 'Taste the Culture'. Sutherland is involved in several restaurant projects in the Twin Cities, including two new restaurants for Minneapolis’ Mill District that plan to open this fall.

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Sutherland now faces a very serious charge, one felony count of threats of violence/reckless disregard, for the June 28th altercation. Sutherland's attorney is denying the charges and saying that the criminal charges are "riddled with falsehoods." The maximum sentence for the felony charge he faces is five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

John Daly, Sutherland's attorney, goes on to tell People Magazine, "He never threatened to shoot anyone. He did not physically assault his girlfriend. He looks forward to the truth coming out as the court process unfolds".

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The Daily Mail is reporting that an argument started after Sutherland told his girlfriend that they were no longer going to a music festival in the Twin Cities. Sutherland made a court appearance on Monday and was granted release until the trail and was instructed to turn over any firearms to law enforcement within 24 hours.

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