Undated (KROC-AM News) - Minnesota has been ranked number 2 in a listing of the states considered the best for raising a family. The report by the website WalletHub looked 42 indicators of family-friendliness, including median family income, housing affordability, and unemployment.

Minnesota had high scores for median family income, the poverty rate, along with factors involving health and safety, education and childcare. The state’s median family income was the highest among the 50 states at just under $80,400.

“Minnesota’s great schools, excellent quality of life, and good work opportunities are some of the reasons why we have been rated the second-best state for families,” said Governor Mark Dayton. “But the report got one thing wrong: no other state holds a candle to Minnesota!”

Massachusetts was ranked number 1 while neighboring North Dakota is listed 4th, Wisconsin 6th, and Iowa 8th. New Mexico was ranked as the worst state to raise a family, followed by Mississippi, and Alabama.

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