St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - Minnesota experienced a surge in applications last year from people seeking to obtain a permit to carry a gun.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety today reported that 71,156 permits were issued in 2016. That is the highest number of permits issued in a single year since the state legislature approved new firearm permit laws in 2003. The permit total from last year was up almost 26,500 from 2015 and is over 10,000 above the previous record high in 2013. The total number of permits to carry in effect throughout Minnesota currently stands at 265,728.

The report indicates Sheriffs around the state revoked 56 permits to carry, suspended 122 permits and denied 658 permit applications last year. There were just under 1500 crimes committed by people with permits. The Department of Safety Report notes 80% of those crimes involved DWI or other traffic offenses.

Under the state law, anyone wishing to obtain a Minnesota permit to carry must apply at their local Sheriff’s office and provide proof they completed approved firearms training.

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