St Paul, MN (Minnesota News Network) -  Two Republican state lawmakers have apologized for accusing a park ranger of lying after he cited them for making out at a public park in Dakota County last month.

Representatives Tim Kelly and Tara Mack have also stepped down from a House ethics panel. Mack and Kelly are married to others.

They first claimed they met in an Eagan park to trade documents relating to a health insurance matter and vowed to file a complaint against the ranger who wrote Mack had her pants down in a car. They later dropped their accusations and paid $260 fines.

After meeting with House Speaker Kurt Daudt over the weekend, Kelly and Mack apologized. Kelly, of Red Wing, says he's disappointed for the way he handled his disagreement with the ranger. Mack, of Apple Valley, says she has "utmost respect" for law enforcement in general.

Here are their full comments:

Representative Tara Mack (R-Apple Valley) released the following statement Monday.

"Since becoming a State Representative in 2009, I have been a strong supporter of our men and women in law enforcement. I understand that the Park Ranger was trying to do his job. I have the utmost respect for the work law enforcement does to keep Minnesotans safe and I apologize for offending these great men and women."

Representative Tim Kelly (R-Red Wing) released the following statement Monday.

“After serious reflection on the last two weeks, I can say that I am disappointed in myself for the way I handled my disagreement with a park ranger. I reacted to this in an emotional way and certainly without respect and professionalism. Several of my own family members serve in law enforcement and I have nothing but respect for the entire community. There is a proper way to handle conflicts and as a state representative you should certainly expect me to do so. I apologize to my constituents, to the law enforcement community and to the state of Minnesota.”

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