A random act of kindness by a few strangers in Rochester was caught on camera this week.  Now we need your help finding these individuals who jumped to help an elderly man that had fallen in the snow.

Lana Guy was able to catch the moment of kindness on camera and I had a conversation with her and she would love to get some help finding out who these random guys were.  Here's what she originally posted on Facebook:

Hey! I always see these kinds of posts, but actually being there witnessing it...gave me chills and teared up!!
We were at civic center Dr and 11th ave, I was in the turning lane to turn onto civic center Dr, waiting to turn, the gentleman first in line..I noticed jumped out of his vehicle and ran to the corner of the intersection where there was an elderly gentleman with a cane, in the snow bank, he had fallen down. The gentleman ran over to assist him! At first it looked like he asked if he was okay, and proceeded to try to help the elderly gentleman back to his feet!!!  ...finally another passerby stopped at the red light, jumped out of his truck to help assist the elderly gentleman back to his feet!!! Just as he got to them the first guy managed to pull him back up to his feet!!!!
Ugh!! THESE MEN NEED SOME RECOGNITION! We need more of these people for sure!!!!!!!!!! 
I wanted to jumped out and give the man a big ole bear hug for going out of his way to help!!!!!!!
Its certainly not everyday you get to witness something like this, but when you do, it's an unexplainable feeling, gets ya right in your feelers!!!

Do you know who these men are?  They deserve a great big "Thank you!" and are a great example of what kindness and "Minnesota Nice" is all about.  Let me know! Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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