St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is looking for volunteers to monitor water quality in the state’s streams, lakes, and rivers.

The agency says it currently needs 700 people to conduct the monitoring at high-priority sites throughout the state. The work involves a simple test of water clarity twice a month during the summer. Those assigned to test lake waters would boat to a designated site for the test, while the testing on streams and rivers is done from the streambank or a bridge. The MPCA supplies the testing equipment and training.

“Our volunteers allow us to get more coverage by collecting water quality data in more places. Their work is invaluable to us, and yet they do it for free!” says Katrina Kessler, MPCA’s Assistant Commissioner for water.

MPCA water testing
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency photo

Minnesota tests the water clarity in over 12,000 lakes and over 92,000 miles of streams and rivers. The volunteers are needed for testing at 676 high priority sites and over 2800 lakes. Officials say the data gathered by volunteers extends the agency’s reach and complements the MPCA’s intensive water monitoring program. In some cases, the information gathered by volunteers is the only monitoring done on a lake or stream.

To learn more and sign up, visit the agency’s website or call 651-296-6300, 800-657-3864.

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