Do Not Believe These Two Myths About the Solar Eclipse and Minnesota

The internet is an interesting place.  People can just post things and believe it to be true.  Unfortunately, in the internet muck people are calling "facts" are two myths about the solar eclipse and the state of Minnesota.  

Before the solar eclipse shows up on Monday, April 8th, check out the real truths below.


MYTH #1:  Minnesota is NOT going to be able to see any of the solar eclipse.

  • THE REAL TRUTH:  You will be able to see some of the solar eclipse on April 8th in Minnesota.  In fact, quite a few areas of the state are going to see a good percentage of the solar eclipse.  It's not totality but still a pretty amazing view.  I've listed a few of those below based on information from CNN.

What Will The Solar Eclipse Look Like Where You Live?

CNN has a great interactive map where you can type in your address to see what the solar eclipse will look like at your location. I picked a few towns from Minnesota and Illinois and below is what you should expect to see during the solar eclipse for each area and the time frame for the viewing.

  • Chicago, Illinois - 85%-90% at 2:07 PM local time.  If you have a chance to get to Chicago by Monday, you are going to be able to have a better view, not totality, but you'll get to 85-90%, which is a little bit better than what Southeast Minnesota will see.
    • Total duration: 12:51 PM - 3:21 PM local time
  •  Rochester, MN - 70-75% at 2:02 PM local time
    • Total duration: 12:49 PM - 3:15 PM local time
  • Red Wing, MN - 70-75% at 2:03 PM local time
    • Total duration: 12:50 PM - 3:15 PM local time
  • Willmar, MN - 65-70% at 2:00 PM local time
    • Total duration: 12:48 PM - 3:12 PM local time
  •  Minneapolis, MN - 65-70% at 2:02 PM local time
    • Total duration: 12:49 PM - 3:14 PM local time
  • Duluth, MN - 65-70% at 2:05 PM local time
    • Total duration: 12:54 PM - 3:16 PM local time
  • Hibbing, MN - 60-65% at 2:05 PM local time
    • Total duration: 12:54 PM - 3:14 PM local time
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MYTH #2:  You do not need to wear eye protection or use special devices to view the solar eclipse in Minnesota.

    • THE REAL TRUTH:  You either need eye protection or a device to help keep your eyes safe.

“Directly looking at the sun without something like eclipse glasses can lead to blurred vision.  It can also cause a central scotoma, meaning a blind spot in the center part of your vision.” - Dr. Bajic, Cleveland Clinic

A few places are giving away free solar eclipse glasses but quite a few local stores have them available to purchase as well.  Some fakes are being sold so be sure to check out the safety requirements here before you make a purchase.  You can also make a device out of an empty cereal box too.  See those instructions here.

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