BUFFALO, MN (WJON AM News) – A group of 16 lunch ladies from Buffalo just missed winning Saturday’s Powerball jackpot by one number. They matched four numbers, plus the Powerball, missing just one number.

They won $50,000. Each group member claimed $3,125 and received a check for a little over $2,000 after the required tax withholding.

Saturday’s estimated jackpot was $900 million.

After the lunch ladies served lunch yesterday (Tuesday), all 16 went to the Lottery headquarters in Roseville, still wearing their uniforms, to claim their prize.

They bought their winning ticket at a SuperAmerica store in St. Michael.

The Buffalo lunch ladies say they were inspired to play the lottery by the Holdingford lunch ladies, who shared a $95.4 million jackpot in October of 2003.


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