With Minnesota being home to the best hospital in the country year after year, you'd think we'd easily snag the top spot on this list, but we didn't. This really surprised me!

Last year, Minnesota came in second place on this list. This year, it was bumped down several spots.


Wallethub is out with the best states for doctors in 2024. Taking into account things like opportunity & competition, annual wage, physician burnout, hospitals per capita and medical environment.

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Minnesota didn't make the top five for any factor on the list, with the exception of Malpractice Award Payout Amount per Capita and Annual Malpractice Liability Insurance.

So, if Minnesota wasn't number one, what state was and where exactly does Minnesota fall?

Apparently, Montana is the best place for doctors.

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According to Wallethub, Montana has one of the top hospital systems in the country, with 82.5% of patients giving their hospital a score of 9 or 10 out of 10. Montana doctors also receive high wages. For example, the state has the second-highest average income for obstetricians and gynecologists, at nearly $375,000, and one of the highest incomes for surgeons, at almost $420,000 on average.

“Living in one of the best states for doctors can make a big difference for your medical career. In addition to making more money, you will also be able to work in higher-quality hospital environments, be less likely to burn out, and pay less for malpractice insurance. For everyone else, living in one of the best states for doctors can lead to quality healthcare.” - WALLETHUB

Minnesota SHOULD Be #1 On This List But Didn't Even Make Top 5.

South Dakota came in number two, while Nebraska was number three. Minnesota took the sixth spot in the country for doctors.

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