When George Floyd's life was taken from him, something happened in the United States of America, in fact, the world. But we don't experience the world all at once, we experience wherever we are, in this case, Rochester, Minnesota. So it is to Rochester I looked for voices to help understand.

The Panel -

  • Barbara Jordan
    Speaking as a community member and NAACP leader.
  • Donavan Bailey
    For the past 13 years Donavan has served as a social worker for the Public Defender’s Office. He’s a cultural competency facilitator trained under Dr. Dietra Hawkins and Atlanta’s, One Small Change.
  • Manal Abbadi
    Manal works as a paralegal and serves on the Olmsted County Human Rights Commission. She was one of the organizers of the rally that occurred last Saturday in honor of Mr. George Floyd.
  • Mia Erickson
    Mia is a Financial Advisor with Thrivent Financial. She currently serve as President for the Diversity Council Board of Directors. Other service includes Bolder Options Board Member & Community Steering Committee for the FAITH! Program (Fostering African-American Improvements in Total Health).

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The Questions -

  • The distraction of looting amidst the peaceful protests—what does it mean?
  • Why has the death of George Floyd been such a catalyst for a worldwide response?
  • What can I (POC) do to change things? What can white allies do at this time?
Protests Continue Over Death Of George Floyd, Killed In Police Custody In Minneapolis
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Here is an event coming up you may want to attend sponsored by Rochester for Justice, NAACP and the Diversity Council.

"Where do we go from here: Proposed Actions for Justice in
our Community"

  • All people need to thrive in safe communities and to do that must have honest open communication in Rochester, MN. This is a crucial community conversation around policing, policy, and plans for our city.
  • This event will be a virtual forum on Zoom that will be streamed live:
  • Thursday, June 11 at 6 p.m
  • Click HERE to see who will be at the Town Hall Meeting and all the other details you'll need to attend.

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