When chain restaurants decide they want to add something new to their menu they usually test it out in just a few stores to see how people respond. I feel like Minnesota isn't always selected for something like this but this time we have been! Minnesota, specifically Minneapolis, has been selected as one of two markets that will be testing a new Burger King menu item.

Burger King Offers Meatless Whopper In Its St. Louis Locations
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Burger King is coming out with a new Whopper and they have selected Minneapolis and Las Vegas as their test markets for the new menu item. I'm curious what you're thought will be about this new Whopper, though.

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Burger King Whopper Being Tested in Minnesota

The new Whopper is a Bacon Jam Brisket Whopper. Eat This, Not That says that the Bacon jam Brisket Whopper "reinvents the classic burger by topping the beef patty with shredded brisket, melty American cheese, crispy onions, and a sweet, smoky bacon jam." That doesn't sound too bad!

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If you'll be in Minneapolis in the next few weeks you can try out this new Whopper for yourself. They'll start selling the Bacon Jam Brisket Whopper on Monday, April 17th through May 25th (or while supplies last).

Burger King Flops

Eat This, Not That reminded of a few Burger King Whoppers that flopped. Like the A1 Halloween Whopper with the black bun that gave customers an "unsavory side effect".

Burger King In Japan Goes Black
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Or the Ghost Pepper Whopper that people said wasn't spicy enough, "they were underwhelmed". So we'll see if this Brisket Whopper takes the cake!

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