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I would say that the first-ever (and hopefully only) Minnesota State Fair Food Parade was a huge success! I am really glad I was lucky enough to get a ticket and be able to go. It was a totally unique experience, we ate way too much food, and I was just happy to get on the fairgrounds so I can say I did not miss the state fair in 2020. You can read more about my experience HERE.

Some pretty crazy stats were released about the Minnesota State Fair Food Parade. Bring Me the News talked about these stats and the one number that stood out to me the most was just how much turkey we ate. Food Parade attendees consumed 16,050 lbs of turkey from the Turkey to Go stand!

I have a theory behind that though. Turkey to Go was the first vendor as you entered the Food Parade. I hadn't eaten much when we got there because I knew it was going to be a lot of food. I had not anticipated getting a sandwich from Turkey to Go but guess what, I was so hungry I bought one anyway. So I'm wondering if that's what happened to other people and that's why there was so much turkey eaten!

Other crazy stats: The most buckets of Sweet Martha's Cookies that were sold to one car was 15. 15 buckets of Sweet Martha's Cookies! And you and I both know that those buckets are overflowing so that's a TON of cookies. Also, let's do the math on that. one bucket is $17, times 15 buckets, that's $255 that this one car spent on cookies!

A total of 19,000 cars traveled through the Food Parade. And the last stat I wanted to share with you is that the State Fair mascots, Fairchild and Fairborne, traveled about 200 miles zipping around the fairgrounds waving to attendees and playing music.

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