Thursdays on First has started and that means there is so much fun, food, and music waiting for you in downtown Rochester!  Some honest people were enjoying the food and fun this week and came across some valuable items that belong to someone...and they are trying to find the owner!  Help spread the word!!

I can literally smell the food from Thursdays on First while I am doing my show for Y105FM.  As I was working today I saw this post come across Facebook from a friend.  They were down at Thursdays on First and found some money and gift cards and were trying to find the owners.

This may be a long shot but my co-workers found 3 gift cards + cash on ground at Thursday’s on First around 1:30 today. Please share. Owner should be able to provide info on 3rd gift card and amount of cash lost. Thank you.

Check out the Facebook post... and if you know who the owner is, send an e-mail to

You've been to Thursdays on First in Rochester, right!?  If not, you need to stop there this summer and check out all of the amazing food, the concerts, and enjoy downtown! Click here to learn a bit more about what is there!

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