Dear Minnesota,

Hi. It's James. James Rabe. You know I love you. A LOT. And I want what's best for you so please don't get angry when I say this have a binge-watching problem.

If you could keep it in your own home, where it only hurts you and your sleep patterns, I wouldn't say a word. Well, maybe I'd say, "Hey, little sleepy there slugger?" but that's it. But now you're making the roads dangerous, and I gotta step in.

There are two times I know of you couldn't stop watching your shows, are there more?

  • April 15 - Blaine, Minnesota. A 32-year-old was pulled over while watching Parks and Rec on her phone while she was driving. The show is awesome, but what would Leslie say?
2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 10
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  • April 23  - Near Fergus Falls. A state trooper pulled over a 21-year-old who was watching Law and Order on her phone.

And that's not even counting people who we pulled over Snapchatting or shopping on Amazon (yes, both are here). Please, stop watching awesome shows while you're driving.

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